Rock Essentials Level 1

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Rock Essentials Level 1

Intermediate Level

Welcome to our Rock Essentials Level 1 course! In this course, we welcome our fantastic tutor, Claire, to walk you through the core techniques, skills, and concepts of rock guitar playing. Claire's love of rock music started as a teenager, and has blossomed into a career as a proper rock star! She's the lead guitar player in "The History Of Rock" musical, which is touring theatres around the country. We're so excited to have a proper rock star with us to help you take your first big steps in this genre.

This course will take you on a journey of the rock genre, from classic rock to more modern sounds, working with the rhythm and lead approach you need to be a rock player. We feel strongly that a great rock guitar player should be comfortable stepping back and chugging on some monster riffs, as well as putting one foot up on the monitor and improvising a mean solo!

PS. Sorry if this is starting to sound like School Of Rock, but that film is bang on the money! Love it!

Unit 1: Revolving Rock

We're jumping straight in this first unit, head first, with your first solo. The solo has a Slash vibe and is all about taking your pentatonic shapes, adding a few extra notes, and working on the feel and energy behind rock playing.

Unit 2: Riffing

For this unit, we will leave the world of lead guitar and pull our attention to the world of rock rhythm guitar! The great thing about rock rhythm is that we are always on the edge of breaking into lead guitar.

Unit 3: Rock Technique Builder

Up to this point, we've been diving into great rock tracks and working through all the skills, techniques and theories behind all of them. In this unit, we're going to take a break from learning full tracks and focus instead on building your technique.

Unit 4: Slow Jam

For our final unit, we're bringing it all together. Groove, chords, melodies and epic soloing! This is a true test of what we have been learning, and it's a full song to learn and master!