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For Level 2 we take all the skills you have learnt in Level 1 and move on to more specific techniques such as finger picking, changing between a wide variety of open chords, playing with a capo and even how to create percussive effects with the guitar! This is all supported with amazing songs recorded specifically for our course by professional musicians.

  • Sus Chords Part 1
    During this first part of the course we, will introduce you to some of the open Sus chord shapes and explain how you can use and apply them into your own songwriting and composition by learning a cool new song!

  • Sus Chords Part 2
    We will learn a new set of Sus chords and once agin explain how you can use and apply them into your own songwriting and composition. We also have an even trickier Sus chord song ready to be mastered, so get those acoustic guitars at the ready!

  • Travis Picking Part 1
    The technique is all about keeping a moving bass line with your thumb and melody notes with the fingers, so it is pretty challenging! However, we will break it down nice and slow for you and apply everything we learn to a cool folk song!

  • Travis Picking Part 2
    We will start by learning two new finger-style patterns which we will apply to some new 7th chord shapes. These 7th chords will expand your open chord shapes. We then tackle a beautiful folk tune to ensure you apply all of your new skills!