Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Unit 3 | Cory's Classics

In this final unit, Dion brings it all together for you! We have a super cool project piece for you to learn that uses the 16th note strumming, a variety of chords, key changes, pentatonic 3rd and 4th, plus everything that goes into a super cool Cory wong style song! It will really challenge your groove skills, and give you something fantastic to aim towards and complete before going ahead and working through Cory Wong's catalogue of awesome tracks, which will now be relatively easy to play! Check out the first video to get started and click here to check out the Materials Section below to access the full tab and backing tracks!

Lesson 16: Basic Grooves

The first part of the track establishes the root chord, and sets the scene for the awesomeness to develop later! We kick off with the Bb9 chord, using the 3rd inversion. The 3rd inversion means starting from the b7th (1st inversion would be 3rd, 2nd inversion 5th). So you may not be too familiar with this way of playing a 9th chord, but it allows you to do that super cool, full tone slide, at the start of the track. Check out the chord diagram if you want to clarify the specific chord and fingers to use.

... Getting the groove!

Now is the time to bring in your 16th note knowledge, as the 16th note pattern varies constantly through the track. Pay close attention to the tab, ensuring that the right hand is constantly moving, whether you hit the strings or not. This will really help you keep the rhythm properly, even when working through a variety of chord changes.

Lesson 17: Frills & Spills

We're now bringing even more Cory Wong magic to the table as we continue this track. We are really based on the key of Bb blues, which allows us to use the Bb major and minor pentatonics over this Bb7 chord. For the lick at the end of bar 6, that is the exact scale shape we are using! Work with this section before moving on.

Chord Fun!

We'll extend our base Bb9 chord and bring in the 11th as well as a cool funky lick based around the Dominant 7th chord. This just shows how much you can get out of one seemingly simple chord! We've drawn out the chord shapes as well as the scale shapes once again, so that you can match the theory up with the tab parts. One of our favourite parts in this section is the two major chords that are dropped in to add relief to the constant Bb7 attack! We hit a high version of a Bb major chord, down to an Ebmaj6 chord (just the top three notes). This not only adds a cool rhythmical spice but also brings that well known major spice from Cory Wong's sound. Once again, use the tab and work through it slowly before moving on!

Lesson 18: B Section

For the B section, we move the tonal centre to the 4 chord, which is the Eb9, and we bounce between Eb9 and Db9. This is borrowed from the James Brown school of funk, and Cory has done his "thing" on it! In this section, we work chromatically without the classic Dominant 9th chord shape and have a few cool lead lines to play around with.

Lesson 19: Fancy Bits

The lead line is based around the Eb minor pentatonic shape, whilst targeting the key tones from the Db9 chord. Notice how we use that Pentatonic box 4 position until the last two notes, which are chord tones from the Db9 chord! It all falls into place neatly, as you'd expect with Dion's incredible guitar skills!

Lesson 20: 4th's Revisited

Before we go ahead and put the whole track together, we've got one final, rather tricky, lead break to learn. This is the final bar of the track and it's based on the 4ths and 3rds we discussed in unit 3. We are using the Bb minor pentatonic box 1, as before, except this time harmonising it using this cool technique. It's a very challenging lick, and one to do extremely slow at first. Remember: The whole lick uses downstrokes, so it's essentially 32nd note picking. Need we say more about slowing it down and taking your time!

Materials: Tabs & Backing Tracks

Here is the tab we'll be working through and breaking down over this unit. Keep referring back to it as you go.

Materials: Backing Tracks

All done?


You've now completed Player Studies: Cory Wong and taken a huge step forwards in your guitar playing journey.

Feel free to bask in glory for a while, or go ahead and try another course if you're hungry for more.