Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Rock & Roll

Welcome to the first of our Hendrix-style chords courses! In this first part we'll discuss what we mean by "Hendrix-style", and how to approach CAGED chords in preparation. Then we'll start combining pentatonic shapes with the CAGED shapes to create licks within chords. We highly recommend that you go through the Intermediate Lead course parts 1-4 before tackling this lesson, as it will help you understand it a lot more readily. If you just want to dive in, however, then go for it!


Summary: What does hendrix-style mean?

Playing chords "Hendrix-style" requires an understanding of how chords and scales can be merged together! When you are listening to Hendrix play rhythm parts, the sound is always fleshed out with fills and licks. What we will develop during this course is the ability to play licks like this within chords, so that you can add these ideas to your own rhythm playing. Strumming patterns will be a thing of the past once you have this style learnt, so let's get cracking!

Summary: Major CAGED Chords and pentatonics

In pursuit of "Hendrix-style" playing, first we need to combine the correct scales with the correct chord shapes. Below are the five basic CAGED chord shapes, in G, and next to them are the pentatonic shapes that fit alongside the chords. Take your time to learn these shapes, it'll be well worth it!

Summary: Hendrix Exercise

This repetitive exercise should help you understand more about what we are trying to achieve in this course. The lick is using the C shape CAGED chord and pentatonic shape 4 (as those two fit together). In actual fact, in its very simplest form, this is just a G major chord over and over again... With a lot of Hendrix-style magic on top! Here is a reminder of the chord and scale shapes to use:

Materials: Tab

To really digest the lick and learn it properly, you need to master its rhythm. To help you with this we have a full tab of the exercise, which automatically loops around 8 times. Use the slow down function on the tab viewer to help you master the lick!

Tutorial: Hendrix Style 1

Summary: hendrix-style song

The really cool thing about this track is it's just two chords throughout! This helps us show off exactly what can be achieved if you sprinkle a little bit of Hendrix dust on something seemingly so simple. During this video we will be looking at the first part of the track.

Materials: Song tab

Below you will find the full song in tab / chord chart. Remember you only need to practice the licks we have looked at in this video. Be sure to use the slow down function on the tab viewer to play at a tempo that suits you as you build up to full speed.

Summary: Hendrix-style song

We will now put the rest of the song together with the second lick and the order of chords. Once again the full tab is provided below to make sure you as sure of the correct order. Use the looper for any sections you find particularly challenging. Remember that once you've played all the way through the tab it will repeat three times, so you have plenty of chance to practice those licks!

Materials: Song tab

Below you will find the full song's tab / chord chart. Be sure to use the slow down function on the tab viewer to play at a tempo that suits you as you build up to full speed.

Audio: Song tracks

As well as the tab above, here are audio tracks to play along with. They are all at full speed, so make sure you are comfortable playing at that pace before trying them. Good luck!

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Hendrix-style Chords Part 2

Now we'll take the theory we discussed in the Part 1 (adding pentatonics to chords) and learn a new lick based in each position. This is an effective way to put the "Hendrix-style" into practice!