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John Frusciante is one of the most influential, creative and universally revered players out there! He's a true pioneer of the 'funk rock' sound and uses a healthy dose of Hendrix inspired flavour! This course breaks down the key aspects of his style so you can use them too!

  • Unit 1 | Twiddly Widdlys!
    In this first unit our focus is to learn how Frusciante embellishes certain CAGED chord shapes. We call these his "twiddly widdlys"...

  • Unit 2 | Over The Viaduct
    In this second unit we will be taking all of the theory and new skill set from the previous unit and apply it to a Frusciante style, laid back track.

  • Unit 3 | The Grooves
    In this third unit we will take a departure from the fiddly, more mellow sound of the clean CAGED chord work, and turn our attention to the more heavy hitting chunky strumming work, and in general work on the masterclass that is Frusciante's strumming hand!

  • Unit 4 | Won't Start
    In our final unit we will be learning a full track, inspired by Frusciante's heavy hitting funk rock playing! We will be taking everything we learnt in the previous unit, including the chunky strumming and string changing, and apply it to this full track.