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For the second instalment of our pentatonic mastery we have gone all out to push you to your limits! We introduce new sequenced patterns in fives, which creates an odd and cool sounding effect for your speed soloing. We also bring in the idea of economy picking due to the nature of the sequences. Not only that, but we push you right up tot he dizzy heights of 110BPM 16th notes, which is super fast when dealing with pentatonic scales! Each workout takes a big step up from the last, so take your time and keep practicing!

  • Workout 1
    In our first workout we introduce the descending pattern in fives, which will be a little bit of a shock to the system! We therefore kick off at a reasonable 60BPM using picking and legato, and focus on bringing up the speed of these patterns across all 5 pentatonic shapes.

  • Workout 2
    For our second workout we start where we left off at 80BPM and gradually work towards 100BPM 16th notes. As we progress through the workout we bring back in some of the exercises from the previous course to ensure that you continue to develop all aspects of your pentatonic playing.

  • Workout 3
    For your third work out we step the level up again with an awesome, Joe Bonamassa / Eric Johnson inspired descending pattern across the neck. This is the main focus of our workout as it is very challenging and extremely fiddly!

  • Workout 4
    For our final workout we are really ramping up the speed. We take all of the key exercises that we have looked at over the pentatonic mastery courses and kick off at 80BPM. We then move up gradually to a massive 110BPM, which is your long term target... Time to start practicing!