This emotional track that pays due to Paul Walker, who tragically died whilst filming the Fast And The Furious sequel. This is a fantastic song to learn and play, and Simone takes you through all the chords and rhythms you need to learn.

Chords: Open Chord Shapes

We just need three chords for this song, which is awesome! We need an E minor, G major, C major and then back to G major. The chords are played with a capo in the 3rd fret, as shown below.

The rhythm Fingerstyle

The first rhythm Simone takes you through is a fingerstyle rhythm where he plays the chord using his fingers, followed by a percussive slap. The important thing to remember is 1. Keep your thumb on the root note of the chord (for Em and G that is the low E string and for C that is the A string). 2. Keep your other fingers (not including the little finger) on the D, G, and B string. Here is the basic rhythm groove, but remember that you 'slap' the guitar on the 2 and the 4 beats.

The second rhythm Strumming

As the song progresses and you want to strum a little harder and give the song a little more, Simone recommends a 16th note strumming pattern as shown here. Remember... Keep the arm moving!!

    Keep Learning: Beginners Course

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you love this tune, but find some of the basics quite hard to follow, check out our beginners' acoustic guitar course! We take you through everything you need to learn to ensure your chord playing and rhythm playing is perfect, and we make sure you lose any bad habits you may have picked up! Check out the full course here: Beginners Acoustic Guitar Course.

All done?


You've now completed Song Jukebox: Wiz Khalifa and taken a huge step forwards in your guitar playing journey.

Feel free to bask in glory for a while, or go ahead and try another course if you're hungry for more.