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Your Guitar Academy is a rapidly growing network of professional and talented guitar tutors. We provide all of our tutors with course material, an online area, continuous training, support and, of course, students! Check out our tutor video below for more information.

If you are passionate about teaching the guitar then we want to hear from you. We will respond to every single tutor, and if you are what we are looking for then we'll set up an interview to see if we can work with you. If you want to join the YGA team then please get in touch:

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Guitar teachers for kids
beginners guitar teachers

Home studio

All YGA tutors teach from home studio set ups. Your space will need to be big enough to comfortably fit yourself and a student, a selection of guitars and amps, a computer and internet connection and a good sound system. The studio needs to be presented extremely neatly at all times and cannot be a bedroom.

Good examples of a home studio are a separate room in the house, or potentially a living room space that you can use without interruption. If you are unsure as to whether or not your teaching space is OK then please get in touch.

Guitar lessons from the 21st Century

As a company we are always looking to drive private guitar lessons forward, and our online system does exactly that. As a tutor you get access to a beautiful teaching system, proving you with coursework, lesson content, as well as learning material to help improve your own guitar skills.

Your students also get access to the online learning system, which is customised by the tutor. For example, once you've completed a lesson with your student, they will have access to this content to practice when they log in at home. No more scrap sheets of paper or unstructured material, just professional lessons ensuring your student learn as quickly as possible.

Guitar teachers for kids
beginners guitar teachers

Get in touch!

If you're interested in becoming a YGA tutor or would like more information, please get in touch below. We will then arrange an initial phone interview followed by a full audition if all goes well.