We know how difficult it is finding the right tutor to get you truly motivated. That's why all our tutors are carefully chosen to find that perfect balance between passion and experience.

All of our tutors are equipped with a teaching space meeting our strict requirements to give you the perfect environment to kick-start your learning.

The YGA course is comprehensively honed through years of road-testing. It covers all abilities from beginner to pro, tackling a full variety genres and including stunningly presented tabs and chord sheets for hundreds of great songs. And it's constantly evolving through the feedback we get from our students and tutors.

Whether you've got your sights set on soloing like Hendrix or strumming like Sheeran, we've got a tutor who'll be your ideal guide. We have experts in rock, blues, country, folk, metal, funk and much more keen to find new students to jam with. Give us a call today and we'll pair you up with the perfect tutor for you.