We have a new video player!

Over the last year, we have been intently listening to a lot of feedback, and one major issue that seemed to keep cropping up was the speed at which the course videos would load. We decided to, after much discussion and research, change our video hosting and player. It wasn't a quick decision, as moving 1000+ course videos over to the new player was an epic task, but i'm happy to say… It is done.

Crazy speeds & awesome features

So, check out these graphics to see all of the new features that our new player offers. Our goal is to continuously improve our service, and having a solid video player that loads fast, and offers you tools that can improve the learning experience, is absolutely crucial. Check out the images below, and please do let us know if you are having any issues at all with the player. It is brand new and there are likely to be little bugs that we can resolve if we know about them. Get in touch to let us know! Speak soon, Dan.

Video Player