Improving your course experience!

It's 2023, and some very exciting changes are coming your way this year! I wanted to talk briefly about one massive change in our shop.

For a while now, we've been working with essentially three websites, our main yourguitaracademy.com, our shop.yourguitaracademy.com & our club.yourguitaracademy.com. It's simply the way it has had to be to get these things up and running, but we are finally in the development stage of bringing this all together.

What this has meant for you as a customer is that you have numerous logins. If you've bought a course, you must log in to the shop to download it. If you have bought a course via the club, using your discounted offer as a Club member, you have to login in there to download them. In fact, many students have some of their courses in the shop and some in the club. Confusing… Yep, I'll admit that one!

So our first major update is that all the courses will finally be moving into one place via our Club website. This is the future of YGA, and we are building the ultimate guitar hub for you guys. Therefore, it makes sense to put the courses all there for you; PLUS, we have a special extra that everyone will get: Online access to any course you have bought in the past.

Online access.

This means that no matter when you purchased your downloadable course, you will now be able to use it online as well, making use of great features like progress tracking, soundslice, all the write-up material and more. Pretty cool, eh?

This is a manual process for us, and we have thousands of students to migrate, so it will take a bit of time, but maaan, it'll be so worth it! From your point of view, you just need to sit back, relax, and sit happily in the knowledge that you'll be notified when your courses are moved over. That also counts for anything you buy in the meantime; we won't miss any.

Note: The features described above for your purchases will not require a YGA Club subscription to access

A new type of course is coming…

A second big change this year is that alongside our main 20 lesson studies, we will release "challenges" and "mini-courses". This new breed of course, presented predominantly by myself, are day-by-day courses, that deliberately take you on a journey over a span of 5 days. It's designed for very specific topics, such as barre chords, looping, theory, specific lead ideas, licks etc. All the connecting sections improve our pathways and give you a cool challenge that will take 5 days to complete.

I'm so excited to start filming these, and we will be releasing them on the Club for subscribers and to download separately. So keep an eye out for these in your inbox or via the website banners. The first one is going to be epic!!

Downloadable Course Price Changes

So, with this major upgrade, the new "challenges" plus 5 years of sticking to the same price point on our shop, we are now slightly changing the pricing model to keep us up to date with competitors & allowing us to continuously produce these amazing courses for you. The basic downloadable course price points will now change to this:

Challenges (5 day courses): £12.99

Main Courses: £29.99

Pathways: £99

So don't worry at all, it's not a huge price increase, and still keep the courses very affordable. The pathways are a little more as they are typically 5 or more courses, plus mini-courses, all in one specific route for you to learn. So you're still getting incredible value with those as well.

Why am I telling you this?

You're probably sitting there wondering… "Why is Dan blabbing on about these price changes, no other sites or shops tell me when they are changing their pricing?!" Yep, that's true, but If it feels right to do so, I tend to stick with that. In this case, we are a community. You all work hard for your money, and you all have a passion for the guitar that brought you to us as a student. Out of respect for that and respect for you, I think it is right to update you on these things rather than spring them on you!

So, as you can see, big things are coming this year, and this is just the first of many! So, stay tuned, keep having fun, and when you're ready, pick up your guitar & let's get started!

Lots of love, Dan.