What are Challenges?

Hey guys! I'm very excited to announce our brand new style of course, that we're calling "Challenges". I'm absolutely sure that by now, you are aware that our main courses are built from a structure of 20+ lessons that take step by step take a deep dive into a specific genre, player or guitar skill subject. These courses are incredible and still set the standard for guitar education online.

However, for a while now, we have found that certain topics just don't fit into this structure, and 20 lessons would be massive overkill for particular teaching points. We put our guitar brains together and came up with the concept of a 5-day course that would work as a challenge for the week. You would start the course on a Saturday and finish it by the following weekend!

So our challenges are all based around daily learning and laser-focused on a very, VERY, specific subject. The courses are generally about digging into a very specific theory, way of learning or a physical attribute you need to develop.

We're all about the long game here at YGA, making sure the journey is fun and interesting and that you accept that learning guitar is a never-ending goal-changer. However, quick wins within that process can be huge and can massively improve your playing. So, here we have them, our "Challenges", the quick wins that you need between courses.

Where can we find these challenges?

Well, to start with, we have just released our very first Challenge course on our YGA Club and YGA Shop, called "How To Learn Licks Properly". The first thing to note is that we will only currently be releasing these Challenges via our Shop and Club, and they will not be on YouTube anytime soon.

If you are a YGA Club member, you already have complete access to our first challenge right here. As a YGA Club member, you also get the same 50% discount as you do on all downloads, which means you can grab the course forever for just £6.49. Bargain!

As a non-YGA Club member, you can still access the course via our shop, which you can find here. This means you can download and own the complete course, including the workbook, jam tracks and video files, for just £12.99. Also a total bargain!

What type of challenges do we have coming up?

As I said above, the challenges are all about zoning in on a very specific subject area to help you get the most out of every aspect of your learning. They are 5-day challenges, so make sure you clear your evenings that week and give them a go daily!

We have a solid plan of Challenges that we want to release, and here's a little peep into some of the courses that will be coming up. These include (title to be confirmed still, but the themes are right) the "Beginners Rhythm Challenge", "Improvers Speed Building Challenge", "CAGED Challenge", "The Triads Challenge", "Barre Chord Challenge", "The Inversions Challenge for Funk" and many more!

As you can see, as a student, some of those will jump out at you as, "ah yeah, I really need to drill down on that!". This is what the Challenge is all about, taking where you currently are and diving into a subject that really works for you now.

Take the challenge!

Will you take the challenge with us? To start with, will you take the "How To Learn Licks" challenge?

One of the most common mistakes I see guitar students making is not spending enough time with guitar licks. Within a single, top quality guitar lick, you can find an incredible amount of knowledge, skill, theory and phrasing; we just need to learn how to get the most out of it. The same is true of licks for our guitar playing. We need to deeply understand a lick, at a theory level and practical level. Then we need to road test that over various jam tracks, different speeds, and take the best chunks to use in our other guitar phrases.

So, that's what this 5 day challenge is all about! I'll take you through the process of properly learning a lick. Once you understand and have experience working through this process, you can apply it to every single guitar lick or phrase that you learn, no matter how long or short! Can't wait to walk you through this procces!

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