Thank you!

So yeah… We did it. Easy peasy! Barely took any work. No problem. Ha! No not really! It took a lot of work, a lot of hard work, but we finally hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube! When this came through the post, a couple of days ago, We just sat and just looked at it. Ollie, Jonty, Cam & me, the whole team here, we just sat and we just looked at it and honestly gave ourselves a massive pat on the back because this has taken hard work. I know this is it's just a plaque, and it's kind of a silly thing, but it represents years, honestly years, and years of trying, failing, succeeding, trying failing succeeding. Over and over again! Anyone on YouTube knows how hard work it is and how you just have to keep going.

It's amazing when you just sit and think about a hundred thousand people. If I put all of those people in, in a single room, we'd sell out some of the biggest stadiums on the planet. In the days where some YouTube subscribers are racking up millions, and millions of subscribers is easy to underplay the silver plaque, but for me, it's just incredible and I can't thank you enough.

It feels amazing to know that we're doing something that is serving so many people across the world. Recently, I've opened up some time to chat to some of our wonderful students, to get as much feedback and connect with as many as I can. I've been talking to people from literally every corner of the Globe who are all loving our lessons, and the more people I talk too, the more I want to make this product better and better!

50% off for Black Friday

So honestly, I just can't thank you enough. And I just wanted to think of something that we could do instantly as a thank you. So, for our Black Friday (or should we say Black November now?), we're giving away...

50% on our shop for the next 10 days. Plus, with every single purchase we'll give you 50 amazing backing tracks that you can download straight away, as well as 120 quick licks, absolutely free!

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With this landmark achievement, I thought you guys might be slightly interested in how it all started for YGA, and how we've got here. If this doesn't interest you in anyway, please skip and jump over to the shop to get that amazing offer!

A bit of YGA history!

It all started way back with Brighton Guitar Academy. I'd just started my teaching career, and luckily had a keen interest in SEO and website design. I got myself together a killer website, and started the journey of creating epic courses for beginner and intermediate players. In the early days I learnt a lot from a close friend called Tom, who showed me the ropes, helped me out with the website stuff and had a great outline for the early courses. From there, I discovered super quickly how much I loved courses creation and how well they worked with all of my students.

Within a year or so, I had a completely full teaching diary and began taking on tutors to work with me and represent Brighton Guitar Academy. This lead to meeting some incredible tutors, which you can see in the picture below!

These guys helped me grow the business by delivering incredible lessons, using the course material I had created. As we progressed in those first few years, more and more tutors came on board and the BGA name grew and grew in Brighton! It wasn't long before I had an incredible team of tutors, including Ollie, who would become an absolutely essential part of the YGA machine! If you message us or called us, then you've probably spoken to Ollie! Shortly after this photo, he took over Brighton, and I pushed forward, emulating the same system we had in Brighton across the UK.

Your Guitar Academy was born!

As the idea of working with tutors across the country started to bloom, I made sure that I had amazing people around me. Chris Kelly, Andy West and Ollie Fleming, were the A team, and we started to build this thing! Here's a fun little insight as to where the original logo came from…

We found an old warehouse and converted into our first HQ, and from then on in we set about building a mini empire of incredible tutors in the major cities across the UK. It was an epic amount of fun, and huge amount of hard work!

A few years into all of this, with a wonderful team of tutors under our belt, we started to enter the world of online guitar tuition. The idea was, as it is still, to bring the world of physical and online guitar tuition together, offering the student everything they could possibly need in one place.

Fast forward a few years, and thank God we did have all of this in place, as COVID changed everything. We were there online to help students find their passion and grounding, when everything else was so unknown and so worrying. At this time, we took the decision to up our game even further, making sure that we could really help people, and stay in business at the same time!

Back to to here and now.

We now have an incredible team here in the new YGA HQ! Ollie, Cam, Jonty & of course so many wonderful tutors who not only teach for us, but also help us in so many other areas of our business. These people doing amazing work behind the scenes to make sure that we get these incredible courses out to you as often as possible.

Online and physical teaching combined…

We're getting closer than ever to our aim of bring together the best of physical and online learning, and this is all thanks to our YGA Club. When you find us on YouTube, we prove to you that our course structures are the best in the web, by simply letting you watch the videos! From there, you can navigate to our YGA Club to access the complete course, and your learning goes through the roof!

Your customised learning pathway, based around your goals, combined with our mentors feedback is the cornerstone of the Club, but there is so much more! Progress tracking, interactive tabs, an epic community, weekly hang outs, the support of our incredible mentors, uploading progress reviews and even booking in 1-1 lessons with a mentor if you need the extra boost. It's all here.

So, I think that's it from me! I feel I have indulged our history, present and future to a decent extent! Now is the time to go ahead and use this epic offer for our 10 day Black Friday sale! Check it out via the link below. Thanks guys, and here's to the past, present and future!

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Youtube, Thank You