Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons in Battersea

Guitar lessons in Battersea

Your Guitar Academy is now offering guitar lessons Battersea South London. Our guitar tutor in that area, Fraser, is an extremely motivated, dedicated and experienced tutor ready to help improve your guitar playing.

We offer a no obligation £10 trial lesson to allow you to come along, meet Fraser in Battersea, have a chat about your guitar lesson goals and aims, look over our course material and basically get you started.

More About Fraser...

Fraser teaches from his fully equipped studio in his home in Viaduct Gardens, SW11 7AY. The studio is set up with everything you need for the perfect guitar lesson - spare guitars and amps for students, a laptop for finding songs, a big screen for course material and a relaxed environment. If you’re travelling by public transport the nearest the nearest tube station is Nine Elm which is a 5 minute walk.

Fraser has over 10 years of experience teaching all styles of playing and all skill levels, and takes a very measured and curated approach to each student, figuring out what the best things to work on to achieve your goals. His lessons are paced for every student and most importantly fun! Learning the guitar with Fraser is a joy and quick!

Our prices

Below is a list of our prices! Remember that you can book a £10 trial lesson before you start the normal prices to meet the tutor, have a chat about your goals and aims, and basically, get started!

If you would like to see more of our guitar lessons London locations then please click here, or if you want to get in touch to book your guitar lessons Battersea, and specifically your £10 trial lesson, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you!