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Guitar Lessons Edinburgh with Tolek

Your Guitar Academy is now offering guitar lessons in Edinburgh. Our guitar tutor in that area, Tolek, is an extremely motivated, dedicated and experienced tutor ready to help improve your guitar playing.

We offer a no obligation £10 trial lesson to allow you to come along, meet Tolek in Edinburgh, have a chat about your guitar lesson goals and aims, look over our course material and basically get you started. To arrange the trial lesson simply contact us via one of the formats below:

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Our Location & Courses

Tolek teaches from his super cool studio in St Leonards Lane, Edinburgh, EH8 9SH. The studio is beautifully equipped with everything you need to have a great lesson, including guitars, amps, recording equipment and more! The studio is just a 5-minute walk from St Patrick's Square on Nicholson Street or Right next to Rankeillor Street.

Tolek has a 1st class Music degree from the University of Sussex, but it is his character and passion for the guitar and teaching guitar that make him such a great tutor. He has taught guitar to students across the UK, ranging from 6 years old to 60 years old. His experience means that he can take our course material and customise it beautifully to suit every single student that he teaches. He is friendly and a lot of fun, whilst still making sure that you achieve your goals quickly!

Guitar lessons Edinburgh

If you would like to book a lesson with Tolek then click this link: guitar lessons Edinburgh. We look forward to hearing from you!

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