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Hybrid Country Lick

Here we have our next instalment of our "Weekly Challenge" for those intermediate and advanced guitar players out there. 😃😃🎸 Please share this challenge with your guitar mates and tag us @your_guitaracademy with your progress. If you haven't already, follow us on Instagram here

For the full write up, backing track and tab of the lick click here.

Don't worry if you can't get up to full speed, simply consider it something new and fun to learn that you will be able to take something from. We've got a fresh face and some fresh skills for you to take on here with this hot country like that could be straight out of Nashville!⁠ This G major based lick is using all the country tricks of Hybrid picking as well as some major chromaticism to give both hands an equal share of the work, try focusing on the left hand first and then try adding in that hybrid picking to get the attack on the higher strings!

Country, Hybrid Picking

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