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Guitar lessons in Llanishen north Cardiff

Guitar lessons in Llanishen north Cardiff

Your Guitar Academy is now offering guitar lessons Llanishen north Cardiff. Our guitar tutor in that area, Joel, is an extremely motivated, dedicated and experienced tutor ready to help improve your guitar playing.

We offer a no obligation £10 trial lesson to allow you to come along, meet Joel in Llanishen, have a chat about your guitar lesson goals and aims, look over our course material and basically get you started.

More About Joel...

Joel teaches from his beautiful home studio on Morris Avenue, CF14 5JW. If you're taking the train, the studio is a 15-minute walk from Birchgrove station or by bus, the closest stop would be the Angle Placestop, just around the corner.

Joel is an extremely friendly, easy-to-approach guitar tutor. Even though Joel is an amazing guitar player, and has a guitar CV to match, his focus is making YOU better at playing the guitar, so you will never catch him showing off in lessons. Joel balances structure and fun to ensure that every single one of his students is learning quickly whilst having a great time in the lessons. If you are serious about wanting to improve your guitar playing, then Joel is the man to get you there!

Our prices

Below is a list of our prices! Remember that you can book a £10 trial lesson before you start the normal prices to meet the tutor, have a chat about your goals and aims, and basically get started!

If you would like to see more of our guitar lessons Cardiff locations then please click here, or if you want to get in touch to book your guitar lessons Llanishen, and specifically your £10 trial lesson, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you!