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I love to jam with other people! I love the interaction, I love meeting new like-minded people, and I love that feeling of using my instrument to connect with another player and create music. I also know, that there are a lot of you guys out there that feel the same, but simply don't have any clear way to find like-minded students and make that dream a reality... Until now. We bring you, The Blues Day!

With every session we host, I'm offering 7 intermediate guitar students the chance to meet up in your local area, with me as your tutor and guide! It will be a full day of tuition, jamming and talking guitars and gear. Why blues? Blues is the best place to start for jamming. If you can play a 12 bar blues of any kind, you're ready for this session!

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The day will be focused on three specific elements (click to unpack the different sections):

Above all else, this will be incredibly fun, and you'll come away feeling more confident about your guitar skills, knowing how to jam, having met like-minded guitar students, and with a bag of new thoughts and practical concepts for how to improve your skills moving forward.

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