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The Chords

This track is absolutely epic when it comes to chord changing and theory! There is far too much jazz heavy theory to explore in one lesson, but Dan does offer tips along the way. The key understanding is using dominant chords to modulate keys as they have a very unresolved feel that will lean towards the 5th or 4th above. But hey, enough of that crazy theory... It's Christmas! Here are all the chord shapes Dan uses for the track.

The Lead

The majority of the lead part is played using the C major scale. As this is a John Mayer style track, it feels a little more like the C Major pentatonic (or at least, that's our starting block). There are a few points where we break out of the C major scale though, as the song moves into different keys (especially over the E major 7th chord). Dan talks about this in the video, so for the moment, let's just make sure we have those main scale shapes correct.

C Major Pentatonic

C Major Scale

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