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Crafting our tone with Amplitube 5 & Tonex

In the world of music, few things are as exhilarating as finding that perfect guitar tone to complement your favorite songs. Recently, Thomas and I embarked on a sonic adventure to create the ideal guitar tones for our jam session on the classic hit, "How Deep Is Your Love." Armed with cutting-edge digital tools, we were able to craft beautiful clean sounds that left us awe-struck. In this blog post, we'll share our experience using Amplitube 5 and the Tonex pedal to achieve our dream tones and how you can get your hands on our presets for free!

A Tale of Two Tones

Thomas and I approached the guitar tone journey from different angles, but with a shared passion for achieving the best sound possible. Thomas opted for Amplitube 5, a powerful software that emulates a wide range of amplifiers, effects, and cabinets. With an extensive collection of virtual gear at his fingertips, Thomas expertly crafted a clean sound that was warm, crisp, and filled with character. Amplitube 5's flexibility allowed him to fine-tune every aspect of the tone to perfection. Here's a visual of what Thomas's tone looked like via the Amplitube plugin:

On the other hand, I chose the Tonex pedal, a unique combination of software and analog capabilities that promised unparalleled sonic versatility. The pedal's analog components provided a warmth and richness to the sound, while the digital aspects allowed for precise tweaking. With the Tonex pedal, I was able to dial in a clean tone that was bright, articulate, and perfectly suited for the song we had in mind. Here's a visual of what my tone looked like via the Tonex plugin.

The Jam Session

Armed with our freshly created clean guitar tones, we joined forces for an epic jam session on "How Deep Is Your Love." The combination of Thomas' Amplitube 5 tone and my Tonex pedal tone created a harmonious blend that sounded like a match made in heaven. The crystal-clear tones complemented each other beautifully, enhancing the overall musical experience.

As we played the song, the clean sounds gave the music a pristine foundation, allowing our individual playing styles to shine through, rather than be dwarfed by an overwhelming tone set up. The presets were incredibly responsive as well, as you see with our playing. We were not afraid to dig in and pull back when needed, and the software and hardware coped with it beautifully. It was an epic amount of fun, and we very much hope that you enjoyed it!

Giveaway Alert! Get Your Hands on Our Presets & the gear!

As fellow guitar enthusiasts, we understand the importance of sharing knowledge and inspiring others on their musical journey. That's why we've decided to give back to the community by offering our meticulously crafted presets for free!

If you're eager to try out our Amplitube 5 and Tonex pedal presets, you're in luck! Simply sign up to the YGA Club and grab the presets in our Discord channel. Signing up for the YGA Club also gives you a chance to win both the Tonex & the Amplitube 5 Max software. That's $750 worth of gear absolutely free to one lucky member!

To sweeten the deal, the YGA Club is offering a 14-day free trial for all new members. During this trial period, you can download our presets and explore all the other exciting features the club has to offer. It's the perfect opportunity to take your guitar playing to the next level and discover new dimensions of tone!

NOTE: Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of the Tonex once the winner has been announced. The Amplitube 5 Max will be activated straight away though.


Our journey to find the perfect guitar tone for "How Deep Is Your Love" led us to Amplitube 5 and the Tonex pedal, two powerful tools that exceeded our expectations. The ability to fine-tune and create clean sounds that resonated with our musical sensibilities was truly a remarkable experience.

We hope that our story inspires fellow guitarists and musicians to embark on their own tone-quest. Remember, the search for the ideal sound is a personal journey, and the joy lies not just in the destination but also in the exploration itself.

So, sign up for the YGA Club's 14-day free trial, grab our presets, and let the musical magic unfold as you embark on your own jamming adventures. Happy playing, and may you find the tone that makes your heart sing!

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