ACDC are truly one of the greatest rock bands that have ever been! Their songs are a powerful mix of huge guitar sounds, driving drums and intense vocals that start high and only get higher! We absolutely love this band here at YGA and believe them to be just as relevant now as they ever were.

  • Back In Black
    This is probably ACDC's most well-known tune and for good reason. The simple mix of distorted open chords with a driving rock drum beat seems to cut to the core of most listeners. Its power is in its simplicity. Lot's of cool riffs here for us to learn to

  • Highway to Hell
    When it comes to guitar riffs, they don't get much better than this! Just like Back In Black, AC/DC use the power of musical space and driving drums to create something truly magical. The song only consists of a few open chord shapes, but we'll also tackle the guitar solo so that you can really get your teeth sunk in to it!

  • Thunderstruck
    If you want to challenge your fretting hand, this is the song for you! The notorious opening riff is extremely hard to play and perform as it requires a very consistent fretting hand, doing legato lines up and down the neck. Thomas walks you through it nice and slowly, as well as the rest of the track and the solo.

  • You Shook Me All Night Long
    Songs don't get much better than this! Massive open chord riffs, amazing vocals and a fantastic guitar solo or two! Ollie takes you through how to play every part of this track, from the intro arpeggios to the epic lead guitar solo. Enjoy!