This track by Alabama Shakes is an absolute monster! It combines some of the most beautiful soul vocals with some of the most aggressive, plus the guitar part is really really cool. Franco guides you through the main theme of the song in this lesson.

Chords: The Main Chord Shapes

There are only two chords being used for the main section of this song, and they are essentially a C major and an F major. The only quirky thing is that the C major has a G in the bass. They look like this:

The rhythm Southern Groove

The rhythm pattern is very important in this song, and will massively help you get the sound of the song correct. The rhythm pattern looks like this over the C/G:

When it comes to the F major, we use a slightly different rhythm pattern, that looks like this:

Melody: The pentatonic shape melody

The main melody is based around the C major pentatonic shape 1 and 5, as shown below. Follow Franco along in the video to hear the exact pattern you need to learn how to play!

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You Ain't Alone

This soulful track from Alabama Shakes is a great 6/8 style piece that borrows a lot from soul records across the years, but adds a unique and very dynamic touch. It's great fun to learn!