Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Episode 18 - The Theory You Need To Know

Summary: Funk Guitar

First thing to say is that this episdoe will give you a great overview of funk guitar, but if you want an in depth study, check out our Funk Fundamentals course here. We'll take you from zero funk skills to funky masters!

Rhythm: 16th Note Strumming

Generally speaking, in funk, you are using 16th note strumming. This means that you are essentially squeezing 16 notes (if you want) into a single bar. This doesn't mean you have to play all 16 notes, but your arm should be moving 8 downs and 8 ups within the bar. What you then choose to play (or actually hit) makes the rhythm pattern. Here is a simple strumming pattern using 16th notes (and is the exercise Andy uses in the show). You can use the Em7 chord Andy demonstrates with if you like, but if not simply use any barre or CAGED chord shape you like.

Song 1: I Want You Back

The first song is this awesome Jackson 5 track, which we focus in on to demonstrate the power of the 16th note groove. There is a lot going on around it, but let's just get that octave shape sounding great. The shape is below (remember to mute all the other strings) as well as the main rhythm which you can base your rhythm on.

Song 2: Good Times

Taking a closer look at this super cool riff from Chic, we can get some great ideas. The main chords we are using are shown below, as well as the main rhythm pattern. The best thing about the tune is that rhythm remember - Nile Rodgers at his absolute best!

Song 3: Get Lucky

We then move onto this classic Daft Punk tune, which has so much to offer in terms of chords and rhythm. We actually have a full lesson, by Thomas, of this track which we recommend you go and check out to learn it in depth: Get Lucky Guitar Lesson.

Ready to move on? Remember to check out every lesson in this unit first – then try the next unit...

Episode 20 - Twin Lead Guitar

Do you love Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden? If so, you'll definitely be aware of twin lead guitar parts and how effective they can be in rock music. We discuss how you can create your own twin lead parts and analyse some of the best!