Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Episode 20 - Twin Lead Guitar

Summary: A gear review... ish

In this lesson we take two super cool BOSS amps (the Nextone and Katana) and learn how to get various different sounds out of them. It's a beginner friendly look at the amps and how to generally get a good sound out of your amps.

Amp settings: How to use these amps

This is a very different episode to our usual guitar educational content! Boss kindly sent us a few amps to try, so we used the opportunity to talk beginners through why these amps can be useful for them. With hundreds of patches, fx and possibly tones on each amp... We give you a quick guide as to why you might want to invest in these amps, and how to roughly use them as a beginner / intermediate guitar player. Have fun!

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Episode 22 - BOSS Nextone Vs Katana (Part 2) - What's The Difference?

In this lesson we continue our look at these two amps from BOSS, dialling in more tones and discussing more ways you can use each amp for your own guitar practice and gigging.