Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Led Zeppelin Style

This cool backing track is based around the Brothers In Arms era of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. We have a looping chord progression in the key of G# minor that is played by a number of instruments, including a cool soul organ. Have fun!

Scales: G#m Pentatonic & G#m Scale

Your best over this backing track is to use your G# minor and G# minor pentatonic scales over the whole track. This is in the key of G# minor, so you can't really go wrong with these scale shapes. Below we have drawn out every shape across the fretboard for both scales (minor and pentatonic). You can also have a bit of fun with the G# blues scale if you want to bring a bit more of a bluesy edge to it. Just remember, the blues note (b5th) is intended as a passing note only!

G# Minor Pentatonic

G# Minor Scale

G# Blues Scale

Chords: Barre Chords

This track uses just major and minor chords (no 7ths or longer chord voicings). As you'll see in the video, Dan is playing the chords all over the fretboard, but if you want a solid foundation for the chords, here they are:

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