Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from John Mayer Style

This John Mayer track is based around two tunes - Waiting On The World To Change and Human Nature. It's got a really beautiful chord progression and the C# minor pentatonic scale will get you all the way with it!

Scales: C#m scales

Your best bet over this backing track is to play using the C# minor Pentatonic scales, as well as the C# minor natural scales, both of which are shown below. If you would also like to play a few arpeggios around the chord shapes, they are also outlined below. Have fun!

C# Minor Pentatonic

C# Minor Scale

    Chords: Learn the backing track

    If you are really interested in learning the chords in the background of the track, then check out the full lesson here. We'll take you through the chords, rhythms, licks and style so that you get a complete understanding of the track. Have fun!

Debate: Modal track?

It's worth mentioning here that this track starts on an A major chord. The track could, therefore, be referred to as being in the key of A Lydian (as A is the 4th degree of the E major scale). However, the reason we don't really say that is because the song really feels like it comes 'home' when we hit that C# Minor chord. That feels like the tonal centre of the track, and therefore it makes sense to call the key C# minor. What do you guys think?

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