Summary: Girls Like You

This is a really cool track that, at its heartbeat, is a fantastic guitar riff that is not only fun to learn but great to play! Not only will we take a look at this riff, Simone will also take you through the main chord progression and harmony.

The Main Chords: 4 Chords

Before we tackle the riff, let's take a look at the main chord progression. There are just 4 chords that you play once per bar, and in this order: C /// G /// Am /// F ///. The chord shapes you can use are as follows (you don't have to do the F with a barre chord if you don't want!).

The Riff: Funky grooving!

The main riff is based in the key of C major and uses two main shapes of the C major scale, as pictured below. Simone walks you through the exact notes nice and clearly in the video, but the key things to remember are to palm mute, use all down upstrokes with the right hand and use those ghost notes (the muted notes that Simone describes). Be sure to practice nice and slow with Simone before speeding up!

    Keep Learning: Learning to riff!

    If you really like this track but struggle to nail the riff, you may want to check out our course on riffs, and how to play them properly! It includes scale shapes, right hand technique and more! It's a ful course, and totally free (As is everything on the site). You can find it here: Mastering The Riff Part 1.

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Moves Like Jagger

This awesome Maroon 5 song features some pretty funky guitar playing that will really help get your 7th chords mastered and your 16th note funk strumming underway. Simone walks you through every part of the song to get it perfect.