During the '90s, Oasis defined the sound of Brit-Pop with their distorted, yet jangly guitars, catchy melodies and gritty vocals. Noel Gallagher is still one of our favourite guitar players as he is the master of the melodic lead guitar line and open chord progressions. Whether you like them or not, at one point in your guitar playing life you will probably have to play one of their songs!

  • Champagne Supernova
    This classic Oasis track is perfect for beginners as the main part of the song essentially uses one easy chord shape with the bass note moving. It's also great for improvers on the guitar as it'll help you master a really cool, 2 bar rhythm pattern

  • Don't Look Back In Anger
    If you want to learn a song that will have everyone at the party singing along with you, this is it! There are a lot of chord changes, but with it being 95% open chords, it's a great song for beginners to learn and get a head start on their barre chord journey!