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Summary: Better Now

This very fast paced, upbeat tune is great fun to play on the guitar! We can put the capo on the 3rd fret and play the whole song using open chords. Simone will take you through the chords, rhythm and everything else you need to play this tune.

The Chords: Just four!

You can play the entire song with just 4 chords, and if you put the capo onto the 3rd fret you can simply use open chords. The chords we are using are as shown below. We play one chord per bar and rotate the chords in the order shown below (Am /// D /// G /// C ///).

The Rhythm: Strumming pattern

To get the intensity we need for this track we are doing all downstrokes with palm muting. You are therefore doing the rhythm pattern below twice per chord (which we can think of as one bar). You also use the palm of your right hand to slightly mute the strings (3:30 in the video) as well as only strumming the lower strings of each chord. This really helps us to get the most focused sound.

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These days it can be quite rare to have a pop song written totally around a rhythm guitar track. The acoustic guitar is beautifully recorded and has a combination of beautiful 7th chords and a cool little melody line which is so much fun to play. We would pitch this song somewhere between beginner and intermediate as it does feature some more challenging chord shapes. No matter your level, give it a try!