What can we say about Queen that hasn't already been said? They are easily one of the best bands in our history, and every single one of their albums has something to offer. From a guitarist point of view, Brian May can teach us a lot! He achieved his name as one of the top 10 greatest guitar players of all time by combining his songwriting skills with his unbelievable technical ability on the guitar. As the great Wayne from Wayne's World once said... "We are not worthy!".

  • Bohemian Rhapsody Solo
    In this Bohemian Rhapsody guitar lesson Ollie skilfully guides you through the solo played by Brian May. The solo is based in the key of Eb major and uses a combination of the Eb major pentatonic scale, as well as the Eb major diatonic scale. We will not only be looking at the licks, but also the techniques that make this solo perfect.

  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    What a solo this is! Brian May has beautifully combined his melodic soloing skills with a more rock&roll style to create something very special. Ollie will take you through every single lick and the technique and scale behind it.

  • Don't Stop Me Now Solo
    The build up to the guitar solo in this track always gives us chills! The fact that for the whole track there isn't a single guitar part, then suddenly Brian May cranks up the volume and hits that first screaming bend... It's awesome! Ollie will take you through every note and talk about the scales and shapes being used.