Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Fallin All In You

Summary: In My Blood

This guitar driven pop track from Shawn Mendes is a great example of how to layer up a track using various guitar parts and a lot of dynamics! The guitar part that drives the track is a lot of fun to learn, then if you love a bit of distortion you can go to town on the chorus!

The Chords: Interval Chords

First of all we are playing the guitar is drop D tuning. This simply means you take the low E string and tune it to D. We recommend doing that with a tuner first, but you can also play the D open string and then lower the E string to match the pitch. Once you have that, here are the first set of chords that you pick through:

The Chords: Powerchords

During the chorus we change the above chords to powerchord shapes, which sound very rock! We also stop fingerpicking and start to strum all down strokes on every single chord. The chords are as follows, and the progression is

The Acoustic Guitar: Chords & Strumming

The acoustic guitar plays some really nice high chords, utilising just the top 4 strings (D, G, B & E). The chord shapes are as shown here, and are used in the pre chorus. We also use three barre chord shapes in the chorus to really 'fatten it up!'. Here are all the chords.

    Keep Learning: Barre Chords

    If you love the sound of this track but struggle with some of the barre chords or trickier chord shapes... You may want to try our barre chord course! It's a ful course, and totally free (As is everything on the site). You can find it here: Barre Chord Guitar Lesson Course.

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Because I Had You

As well as the main riff that loops throughout the song, there are also some nice effect driven guitar fills and parts that can be quite rare to hear in modern pop music.