This song is an absolute dream for guitar players, and many have 'rocked' up the riff in recent years! In this lesson though, Thomas stays true to the original song and vibe of the guitar part and takes you through every part of the track.

Verse: Riff and Shuffle

The main riff simply uses the D minor barre chord shape combined with a little bit of the D minor pentatonic. We then move into a cool little blues shuffle based around D powerchord, then A powerchord and G powerchord. here are those shapes on the fretboard (including the finger you are using to do the shuffle groove).

Chorus: Chords

In the chorus, we go straight to our lovely powerchord shapes again, except this time they are straight ahead normal shapes. The shapes we are using are as follows here.

Guitar Solo: Awesome Little Solo!

There is a really nice little guitar solo, based around the D minor pentatonic shape 1 & Shape 2. If you are unsure, here are those pentatonic shapes that George Harrison is using.

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Twist & Shout

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