Summary: Cool Summer Grooves!

This track is a really cool blend of electronic sounds and beautiful guitar tones. It has some really cool guitar chords and a must learn melody line on the guitar. It is a challenge, but give it a try!

Chords: Very Cool Chords

We'll kick off with chords. It's important to say that the original track is in the key of D minor, but he plays it live in the key of C minor. It is the live version that we are very much working within this lesson (from a live Facebook stream he did). So, here are the chords you need:

Rhythm: Fingerpicking

For the whole track, we can use a simple fingerstyle. We are simply using our fingers rather than the pick to pick through each chord. As for the actual rhythm, we are following this rhythm pattern (note: you simply play the chord with your fingers on each red arrow stroke. Each red arrow is a different chord, as noted above it).

The Lead: C Minor Part

The lead line is using the C minor pentatonic and the C minor scale based around the 3rd and 4th shape, which are shown below. It's quick, but it's so worth trying to get it!

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It Runs Through Me

This track is a perfect blend of funky chord shapes, subtle jazzy tones and some very cool lead guitar. Thomas takes you through all of the chords and the main lead guitar part that will help you learn the necessary subtlety and feel you need to pull it off!