Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from It Runs Through Me

Summary: Quick Pentatonic Fun!

This upbeat disco style track features some amazing pentatonic guitar licks, combined with the full diatonic scale with some tasty slides moving into those notes! We'll tackle that lead, groove and all the super cool chords in the track.

Chords: Funky Jazz!

We'll kick off with chords. There is a wide range of chords.

The Lead & Riff: G Major

For this lead part (and the bass part), we are using the G major pentatonic and G major full diatonic scale. Tom Misch uses mostly the 4th and 5th shapes during this track for the lead parts, but we've provided all five shapes of each scale below as the bass line uses more of the shapes. Remember that, when tackling the lead lines, the pentatonic scale is the main focus, while we occasionally bring in notes from the full G major scale to add some extra texture.

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This chilled out track is classic Tom Misch! Interesting chords, pentatonic lead lines and beautiful phrasing. In this lesson we'll be going through the laid back feel of the song, the modal interchange and more!