What is a video exchange guitar lesson?

Well, put simply, it is a fantastic way to get the customised learning experience you get with a 1-2-1 tutor while having the freedom of learning in your own time and in your own home. It's perfect for those with busy schedules that struggle to find time for regular lessons, but still want to improve quickly on the guitar. Watch the video below for all the information.

Current Availability: 2 Student Slots Available

Current Availability:
4 Student Slots

As I am managing director of YGA, my work schedule is pretty hectic! I therefore only have a very limited amount of students I can take on, and above is an up to date number as to how many slots I have available. If you are interested, please act fast! Get in touch via the contact form below, tell me more about yourself, and we'll go from there!

How it works.

Below is a diagram to help explain how the process works. It is beautifully simple. I upload a video to our shared folder online, including worksheets, audio and feedback notes. You then watch the video, practice, and when ready, post a video back. Simple!

How much it costs

The pricing is based on a monthly fee rather than a per lesson basis. This is because the number of video exchanges within a month can range from 4 to 8+, depending on how much practice time you have, or how well you get on with the lessons. Consider it more like the highest quality guitar lesson monthly membership site you can buy. Which it is!

Monthly Price: £200
Unlimited video exchanges in each month.
Customised lesson plans to suit you.
HD Quality video responses.
Audio files & Worksheets for each lesson.
Feedback notes in doc format as well as video.
Suitable for beginners, intermediates & advanced.
£200 A MONTH