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The Tabs

For this weekly challenge we've decided to have a look at a couple of really useful classic rock style licks that will allow you to get from one section to another in your solos! The idea here is that we have repeating sequences that you can hang on for as long as you like while you think about where to go next. It's a really useful tool to have in your locker!

We've put together a backing track in A Minor and A Dorian that has a driving classic rock feel. It's a great way to try out the two pentatonic licks! Here's the track:

The track uses the following chord progression with the riff working nicely above:

Minor And Dorian?!

The track is generally in the key of A Natural Minor until you get to the final chord which is a D Major. The major 3rd of the D chord is the Major 6 above A giving a Dorian feel just for that chord. If you fancy a slightly different sound try targeting that note when you get to the D - it'll sound great! If you need a recap on the difference between Dorian and Minor check out our Free Theory Lab.

The Riff

This riff is based around 3 note chord fragments running up the neck. These are all based on the CAGED system. Check out the TAB for the shapes, and if you'd like to know more about the CAGED system check out our free major CAGED Courseand Minor CAGED Course

Weekly Challenge, Classic Rock

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