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This is a really fluid sounding F# minor 7 arpeggio. We're using hybrid picking which, if you're not familiar, is a way of playing using your pick and right hand fingers to cross strings in an instant!

We're playing an F# Minor 7 arpeggio using the A Minor CAGED shape. If you're not sure what that means don't worry! You can either use this as a purely technical exercise, or if you'd like to learn where the shape comes from check out our free Minor CAGED Course

Briefly, a minor 7 arpeggio contains the following scale degrees And we're using the following shape:

Hybrid Picking Technique

This is an arpeggio run which means we're going to be crossing strings a lot. The run is actually a sequenced arpeggio. So we're not just playing straight up the notes, 1 b3 5 b7, but working up the arpeggios in groups of 4 notes. We're using a hybrid picking technique which means you'll pick the first note with your pick, then use either hammer-ons or your 2nd or 3rd finger on the right hand to pluck the next 3 notes. Pay careful attention to letters a and m above the tab to make sure you're playing each note in the right way! 'm' means pluck your middle finger and 'a' means pluck with your third finger. Remember to take it slow to begin with and have fun!

Weekly Challenge, Arpeggio, Hybrid Picking

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