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This is a sweeping arpeggios challenge that sounds great played fast or slow!

For this run we're playing arpeggios that outline D Major 7, E minor 7 and F# minor 7. In this case we're using an A or A minor CAGED shape to play the arpeggios. This means we're finding the root note for each arpeggio on the A string. If you're not sure about what we mean by the CAGED shapes check out our free major CAGED Courseand Minor CAGED Course

Here are the specific shapes we're using for this exercise. Note that we aren't always playing the 'full' arpeggio as we often skip the root note on the G string to make the sweep smoother.

Sweep Picking Technique

The key to sweep picking is to pick towards the next string whenever possible. To help with that, in this run the A string and E string always have 2 notes played in succession, so we're using hammer ons and pull offs to avoid alternate picking. That way we can just pick in one direction through the strings. If you're completely new to sweep picking we recommend starting with the down sweep, as you'll have gravity on your side! Try resting your pick on the first string, then let it fall through the string into the next one and so on. Your pick shouldnt be jumping away from the strings, just gliding smoothly through!

Left Hand

For this to sound clean you'll need to have just one note ring out at a time. You may be tempted to barre some of these shapes - try not to! Play each note individually with the tip of your finger and lift off once the note has been played. This will mute the string and leave the sonic space for the next note to ring out! Take it nice and slow so you can make sure your left and right hands sync up and you'll be shredding in no time!

Sweep Picking, Weekly Challenge

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