Anne-Marie has burst into the public eye recently with her debut album Speak Your Mind. The album really shows off her character as an artist and a diverse mix of Pop and R&B tunes. There are loads of great guitar parts for us to learn from this album, so watch this space for lessons!

  • 2002
    2002 is one of the first tracks released from Anne-Marie's first album Speak Your Mind. The song has a great guitar riff that is prominent for most of the song. Thomas takes you through exactly how to play all the various forms of this riff.

  • Soulmate
    As the initial lyric suggests (Summer starts now) this is intended as a Summer hit! Although the main chord part is clearly played on a synth, this can be easily converted into a guitar part, and a really cool one at that! Simone takes you through the chord shapes you would need to play this on the acoustic guitar, as well as the rhythm.