Summary: 2002

2002 is one of the first tracks released from Anne-Marie's first album Speak Your Mind. The song has a great guitar riff that is prominent for most of the song. Thomas takes you through exactly how to play all the various forms of this riff.

The Chords: Barre Chords

We are playing in the key of E major and using all barre chords, so it's a great challenge! Here are all the chords we will be using for the track, and in the video, Thomas walks you through the order of these chords and how to pick them.

Rhythm: Counting 16th notes

The guitar part uses 16th notes. To count 16th notes you need to say "1 e and a, 2 e and a, 3 e and a, 4 eand a", which will make one bar. If it were a rhythm part, rather than picked, it would look like this:

    Keep Learning: Barre Chords

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you want to really perfect your barre chords to make this song a lot easier to learn and play, then you mmay want to start our full barre chord course. It starts at the absolute beginning of barre chord learning and will ensure that you can play these chords easily and quickly! You can find the course here: Barre Chord Guitar Course.

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As the initial lyric suggests (Summer starts now) this is intended as a Summer hit! Although the main chord part is clearly played on a synth, this can be easily converted into a guitar part, and a really cool one at that! Simone takes you through the chord shapes you would need to play this on the acoustic guitar, as well as the rhythm.