Summary: No Tears Left To Cry

In this lesson our awesome tutor Simone takes you through the open chord shapes and rhythm that you need to get this pop hit together. There are quite a few chord shapes to get together, and we would pitch this as a beginner level song (if you do the easy version of F major!).

The Chords: Intro & Chorus

We will start by walking through the chords for the intro and chorus section. We have all open chords here, in the key of C major, and the only potential hard chord is the F barre chord. If you find that too hard, then please use the F major easier version pictured below.

The Rhythm: Strumming pattern

In the intro we are simply using one strum per chord, but the chords do change fast. As for the rhythm pattern, we are essentially using the following pattern throughout, you just need to remember to change chords on the correct beat (as Simone talks you through in the video):

The Verse: The chords & rhythm

The only other section of the song we need to learn is the verse. In this section we use an A major instead of the A minor, and we have written out all the chords below. The other thing to bare in mind is that the chords are just played once each (there is no strumming).

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God Is A Woman

This track from Ariana grande is another great pop hit from a great singer. We have a really cool chord progression in this track, and a very prominent guitar part that sounds so cool with all the chorus and delay on it. Simone walks you through the whole track.