Ariana Grande knows how to put pop songs together! It seems that every single record she sings on is immediately propelled to the top of the charts, and as guitar players, we have a lot to learn from a singer who can pen a catchy pop melody. These are great songs for beginners as well, as they often just use open chord shapes.

  • No Tears Left To Cry
    In this lesson our awesome tutor Simone takes you through the open chord shapes and rhythm that you need to get this pop hit together. There are quite a few chord shapes to get together, and we would pitch this as a beginner level song (if you do the easy version of F major!).

  • God Is A Woman
    This track from Ariana grande is another great pop hit from a great singer. We have a really cool chord progression in this track, and a very prominent guitar part that sounds so cool with all the chorus and delay on it. Simone walks you through the whole track.

  • Dance To This
    This is a great song for beginners looking to master their open chords! It's just 4 chords all the way through, and Simone will show you how to give them that groove that makes the song so good.

  • thank you, next
    This brand new hit from Ariana Grande is such a cool track to play on the guitar. It uses a range of 7th chords as well as a really nice right hand fingerstyle technique to get some real groove into your playing. Simone walks you through it all at a nice steady pace!