Summary: Havana

This song is one of many in the past that is based around the classic Latin American chord progression based in the harmonic minor scale. It's great fun to play as it's just three chords throughout the entire song that you can really groove on!

The chords: 3 chord fun!

Before we start, be sure to add the capo to the third fret so that you can play nice easy chord shapes. We are using Em / C / B7 /// in that order. Here are the chords:

The rhythm: Basic changes

The important thing with the groove is to change to the B7 just before the start of the bar. After thatm you can either use the pick, or fingerstyle to get the song together. It is therefor well worth practicing just the 3 basic hits of the chords, without any extra rhythm, as shown here:

    Keep Learning: Beginners Course

    If you really like this track but struggle with ay of the chord shapes, or moving between the chord shapes in time, you may want to check out our beginners course. We cover all of these chords in great detail, show you how to change the chords super fast and make sure that your rhythm is perfect! It's a full course, and totally free (As is everything on the site). You can find it here: Beginners Online Guitar Course.

All done?


You've now completed Song Jukebox: Camila Cabello and taken a huge step forwards in your guitar playing journey.

Feel free to bask in glory for a while, or go ahead and try another course if you're hungry for more.