Summary: Sober

This beautiful ballad from Demi Lovato is all based around a piano part, but is definitely a song you could play and sing on guitar. Simone has taken the piano chords and converted them to the guitar with a cool arrangement that is easy to play and even offers a few alternate rhythm styles to groove along with!

The Chords: 4 chord loop

Firstly, we need to add the capo to the first fret, then we are using 4 basic chord shapes: Am, G, F & C. The chord shapes are as shown below:

Rhythm: The main groove

There are many ways you can play through this song, as Simone demonstrates in the video. However, the main principle is that you play the first chord on the 1st beat, and the second chord on the "4 and" beat. You then do the same on the 3rd and 4th chord but add a few more strums (or fingerpicking notes). As shown below:

The Chorus: G first & Strumming

The only other difference in the song is that the chorus starts on the G, then Am, then F, then C. So you simply change the first two chords around! Simple as that! You may also want to strum through the chorus to add more dynamics. The strumming pattern Simone plays is:

    Keep Learning: Strumming

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you want to really perfect your strumming skills, you may want to try our beginners acoustic guitar course where we look into strumming and the basics of strumming patterns. This is so important if you are to play more complicated strumming like in this video lesson. You can find it here: Beginners Acoustic Guitar Course. Give it a try!

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This upbeat Euro-pop style track is an interesting song has a pretty cool guitar part, which sounds suspiciously midi based, but could well be a real guitar! None the less, it's good fun to learn and Simone has broken it down in to bitesize chunks so that you can learn it.