Demi Lovato's background in acting and her appearance on the Disney channel at an early age set her up for a career as a performer, and boy can this woman perform! Having hit album after hit album with her beautiful voice and her well-written pop / r&b songs, it is no surprise that we have guitar students who want to learn to play and sing along to her songs.

  • Sober
    This beautiful ballad from Demi Lovato is all based around a piano part, but is definitely a song you could play and sing on guitar. Simone has taken the piano chords and converted them to the guitar with a cool arrangement that is easy to play and even offers a few alternate rhythm styles to groove along with!

  • Solo
    This upbeat Euro-pop style track is an interesting song has a pretty cool guitar part, which sounds suspiciously midi based, but could well be a real guitar! None the less, it's good fun to learn and Simone has broken it down in to bitesize chunks so that you can learn it.

  • Stop The World
    This easy going pop tune is great for beginner guitar players who want to practice and learn their open chords, and even try a new way of play the dreaded F major chord! Simone walks you through all the chords and rhythm you need!