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Summary: Nonstop

This super cool track from Drake's album Scorpion is all synth in the track, but we love this track so much that we've converted the synth part into a guitar part using drop D tuning. It's really easy to play and great fun to jam along to so give it a go!

The Chords: Drop D Chords

The first thing we look at is how to play the track using drop D tuning. This essentially means that you take the low E string (thickets string) and tun eit down two semitones to D. Once you have that, we just need a few powerchord shapes, as shown here:

Rhythm: Palm muting

To get the guitar sounding a little more like the synth and bass on the track we can use powerchords. We can then use a really cool strumming pattern that fits beautifully over the song, and it looks like this (try to count "down down up" over and over again!").

The Chords: Without Drop D

If you don't want to drop the E string to D, then you can use these shapes instead, remembering to use the capo on the 2nd fret. They look like this:

    Keep Learning: Powerchords

    Many thanks for watching this video and visiting the website. If you love this tune, but find some of the chords quite hard to follow, check out our powerchord course right here on the site. We take you through all the shapes and how to change the chords quickly and cleanly. We also learn the theory behind the chords and apply them to some great tunes! You can check it out here: Powerchords Guitar Course.

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One Dance

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