Drake is far more than just the face of modern rap music. He's an actor, songwriter and, possibly above all, a businessman! Similar to Dr Dre, Kanye and many more, the music is just part of a wider business strategy that builds the Drake brand across the world. That being said, he has some great tracks and many with really cool riffs that are great for the guitar.

  • Don't Matter To Me
    This track by Drake has guest vocals Michael Jackson, with Drake producing his classic laid back style vocals over the top. Although it's all based around the synth, Thomas has worked out a really cool guitar version that you can learn and play through. It's challenging, but great fun!

  • Nonstop
    This super cool track from Drake's album Scorpion is all synth in the track, but we love this track so much that we've converted the synth part into a guitar part using drop D tuning. It's really easy to play and great fun to jam along to so give it a go!

  • One Dance
    This is the Drake song that took the world by storm when it first came out! the great news is that it is very easy to play, with just 3 chords and a simple rhythm pattern all the way through the track. Simone breaks down the song for you in this cool lesson.

  • In My Feelings
    This track from his album Scorpion is another classic Drake tune, reminding us all just how much you can get out of a single loop and just a couple of chords. His trademark relaxed vocal style really drives this track. Simone takes us through the chords and rhythm for the track.