Dua Lipa's sound has been described as "pop", "synth pop" and even "dreamy pop" by many! We're not sure what dreamy pop is, but we do know that Dua Lipa knows how to write a hit! Her perfect vocals, driving drum tracks, epic synth and cool guitar parts make for some plucky pop tunes that stick with you all day long!

    This is a very cool pop track that is driven by the main guitar riff. In this guitar lesson Simone will take you through that main guitar riff that consists of triad versions of barre chords, so will suit an intermediate player slightly more than a beginner.

  • New Rules
    What a great song to learn for any students looking to master their barre chord shapes. The upbeat song features the same three chords throughout and a super funky groove that you can enjoy playing the entire time!

  • Electricity
    In this guitar lesson, Simone will show you how to convert that piano/synth part into a really cool guitar part. The chords work just as well on the guitar and it is a great challenge for intermediate guitarists who want to speed up their chord changes.