Ed Sheeran's success is a combination of his musical talent and good business brain! He is one of this generations finest songwriters, and as a performer and vocalist, you won't find many better. His guitar skills are not to be sniffed at either, with a talent for the percussive, he has played Wembley Stadium with just him, a guitar and a looper. Impressive!

  • Thinking Out Loud
    This is one of the few Ed Sheeran songs where he plays an electric guitar, and it's definitely a favourite of ours here at YGA. The Hendrix-esque flicks between chords combined with the really cool guitar solo mid way through the song, makes for a must learn guitar piece.

  • Happier
    This Ed Sheeran song is a beautiful track from the album Divide. It's got a real cool little guitar part that uses open chords and fingerstyle playing. It's very repetitive through the song, so it gives us a chance to really master this part and get our fingerstyle up to scratch.

  • Photograph
    This beautiful song from Ed Sheeran is a really cool one to learn as it includes some really beautiful arpeggio ideas, alongside some pretty easy to play open chords to strum along with. It's Ed Sheeran at his best, and Simone walks us through it!

  • Shape of You
    In this Ed Sheeran song lesson we cover all the parts that go together to build something that sounds amazing! It's a great track for anyone who uses a loop pedal as all the parts work really well together, and also has a simpler version for beginners.