Summary: Just For Tonight

This acoustic guitar driven track is a great one to learn for beginners and intermediate players alike. By simply placing the capo on the 3rd fret we can play the whole song with just 4 open chords, making it perfect for beginners practice!

The Main Chords: 5 Chords

First and foremost, we need to pop the capo on fret number 3. This will allow us to use all open chord shapes to play through this song, making it easier for beginners. The five chords we are using are shown here:

Progression: Verse & Chorus

For the verse we are playing the chord sin the following order, with the C major chord acting as an 'in-between' chord between the G and Em chords. It would look something like this on a chord chart: C / G /// // C / G /// // C / Em /// D /// G /// Cadd9 G //. When we get to the chorus we use a more straight forward chord movement, like this: C /// //// G /// //// Em /// D /// G /// ////.

Rhythm: Strumming Pattern

Below we have shown two different strumming patterns. The first is the more sparse pattern you hear in the verse and first chorus. Then as the song progresses we start strumming more and using the second pattern.

Progression: Bridge

Finally there is also a bridge section where the chords are G /// //// Em /// //// C /// //// G /// D ///. Then for the last minute or so of the song we just play the G major chord and jam on that! Just go to town on that chord!!

    Keep Learning: Beginners Lessons

    If you really like this track but struggle with the chord changes on any of the rhythm patterns, you may be interested in our beginners course. We cover how to strum properly and go over these chords in great detail with much higher quality cameras! It's a full course, and totally free (As is everything on the site). You can find it here: Beginners Acoustic Guitar Course.

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Wasted On Each Other

This is the opening track from the album Electric Light is huge! From the main drop D guitar riff, to the ethereal sounds in the bridges, this track is an amazing way to start an album and a great song for us to learn!